Treatment Price

Please find below our current prices for dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle treatment and our range of skin rejuvenating treatments.
Please note, these prices are a guide only. Your clinician will advise you on the most suited treatments following an in depth- consultation. Please contact us if you have any further questions or would like a tailored quote on your desired treatment.

Anti-wrinkle TreatmentsRRP
Upper Face:
Botox 1 area
Botox 2 areas£260
Botox 3 Areas£300
Pebbled Chin£150
Brow lift botox£230
Gummy smile botox£200
Jawline Slimming/ Bruxists / Chronic Headache relief£300
Hyperhidrosis [Excessive sweating]: underarms OR hands OR feet£400
Neck lift Botox [Nefirtiti Neck lift]£350
Additional Areas (when added on as an extra area)£50 per area
Lips – 0.5ml£230
Lips – 1ml£300
Nasolabial folds (Smile Lines) 1ml£300
Marionette lines (Mouth to chin lines) 1ml£300
Cheek Fillers 1ml£330
Chin Fillers 1ml£330
Jawline Filler 2ml£500
Tear troughs (sunken eyes/
dark circle correction)
Mid-facial Rejuvenation (Under-eye and anterior cheeks) £650
Correction treatment (Dissolving Filler)£220
Tear trough£200
SKIN TREATMENTS (for: fine lines and wrinkles, oily/dry skin, congested skin, rosascea, acne prone skin, hyperpigmentation)
3% Retinol Chemical Peel £120
The Perfecting Peel £110
Neostrata Prosystem Chemical Peel (Glycolic, Lactic, Mandelic acid)£100
Microneedling (Vitamin and Mineral serum infusion)£240
Microneedling (Course of 4-6 sessions)£190 per session
Combined Microneedling & Chemical Skin Peel£300
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