Chin and jawline augmentation are super effective treatments at adding contour to the lower face where clients feel they lack definition.  A ‘weak’ chin or jawline can be genetic and can greatly effect a patient’s self-esteem. A high density hyaluronic acid based dermal filler can be used to ‘stiffen’ the skin around these areas and add volume and definition to an under formed chin or jawline.  The result is a more contoured, defined lower face and a more youthful appearance. In some cases, the chin and jawline are treated together to balance and improve overall facial symmetry and proportions.

Chin filler in particular can be used to add projection to enhance a clients side profile. It can also be used to add length to improve facial length proportions and create better balance as well as improve facial symmetry.

What areas of concern can be addressed with chin filler:

  • Weak/retrognathic chin  – adds protrusion for a more attractive side profile
  • Short chin – can elongate or streamline the face
  • Chin dimple or fold
  • Jowls or heaviness around the chin
  • Lack of symmetry – can balance and align the chin
  • For men – can create a more masculine chin

What areas of concern can be addressed with Jawline filler:

  • Sharpening the jawline angle and jawline
  • Creates a jawline for those with a naturally weak jawline
  • For men: can create a more masculine chiselled jawline
  • Sagging lower face with little to no definition between the neck and jawline


Includes an in-depth consultation and assessment . 30 minute- 1 hour appointment. Highly effective topical anaesthetic cream is applied to the chin and jawline and as a result, any discomfort is minimised.


From £330

Number of sessions

1 session


No downtime usually, and most people can return to work on the same day. There may be mild swelling and bruising for a few days after treatment.


Immediate and continued improvements seen after 7 days.

Duration of results

8-12 months.

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