The B word has been thrown around quite recently both between our circle of friends and the media. With Superdrug’s now launched cosmetic clinics, its clear that non surgical treatments have now become increasingly available than ever before and just as easy as buying your daily essentials. Yet there is still quite a lot of confusion surrounding the procedures and cosmetic industry as a whole. So we’ve decided to break it down and answer the top 4 most common questions we get asked at our clinic.


1- Does it hurt?


If you’ve ever had waxing, or laser done chances are you would definitely brave through ‘baby-tox’ injections. Upper face anti-wrinkle treatment usually involves light superficial injections placed at certain points across your forehead and around your eyes. When treating other areas of the face, injections may be deeper but the good news is that the procedure tends be relatively quick and straight forward when done by the right medical practitioner and using the right techniques.


2- Is it safe?


In safe controlled doses it is completely safe! It simply works by temporarily relaxing your muscles by blocking the nerve impulses that interact with and reach your muscles.


Many people are surprised when I tell them BTX has a wide application in therapeutic medicine, treating medical conditions such as: eyelid spasms, spinal cord injuries, chronic migraines and excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis); ultimately having a life changing impact on peoples quality of life.


An initial consultation is always crucial! It gives you a chance to explain your areas of concerns thoroughly and ask any burning questions you may have. It also helps us highlight any underlying medical conditions or medication that may act as a contraindication to getting anything done at all.


3- What are the side effects?


As with any medical procedure, there are always potential side effects and risks that need to always be discussed. Common and temporary side effects include:

– Swelling

– Redness

– Bruising

-Mild Headaches


Less common and rare side effects, (that are tied to the injection site or injection technique) include:

– Dry eyes

– Palpitations

– Drooping eyelids

– Uneven eyebrows


Studies into its’ long term efficacy and safety are limited but on the whole adverse side effects are rare. Since the effects of b-tox on the muscles are temporary, people usually require top ups every 3-4 months.


3- How much does it cost?


Cost is dose dependent, but also depends on the area being injected and on your local area pricing. My advice would be to avoid looking for bargains or deals that may initially seem attractive, surprising or create a sense of urgency to get a certain treatment done. Always approach with caution and do extensive research on your injectors qualification and training before trusting them with your face. Remember you cannot put a price on your safety or your face.


What are your thoughts?

If you have any other questions, would like to share your experience, or would like to book a consultation, email us at info@medgloclinic.com


Zahra Algebory

Dental Facial Aesthetician

Founder of MedGlo Clinic


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