Life is peculiar. During childhood, we look to those older than us and wonder when our growth spurt will come, anxiously waiting for the changes puberty or adulthood will bring. (1) Then we reach a certain age in adulthood where we begin to feel the need to freeze the ageing process in order to maintain our youth.



A big part of this is down to the public’s perception of appearance in older age and the negative stereotypes surrounding ageing. The Royal Society for Public health (RSPH) released an interesting finding that showed 58% of people believe they will become less attractive as they get older.

It is no surprise that television shows like Love Island, and social media trends on Instagram seem to be putting more pressure on our younger generation to look a certain way- and this in turn has a direct impact on people’s attitudes towards ageing. During our consultations at MEDGLO Aesthetics we take as much time needed to truly understand the needs of our patients, not only talking you through our safe, minimally invasive procedures, but also ensuring expectations are managed and well balanced.


The Aesthetics industry has been encouraged to move away from terms such as ‘anti-ageing’ and ‘anti-wrinkle’ in hope to combat the growing negative connotation associated with the ageing process. Instead we are moving more towards promoting the idea of ageing gracefully and living a healthier more balanced lifestyle.

MEDGLO Aesthetics works in line with this positive concept, by providing conservative treatments that produce beautifully enhanced but natural looking results. Our treatments work WITH the forces of nature to help you look and feel your best, in your own skin.

Other than a healthy, well balanced diet, a high SPF sunscreen and a good daily skincare routine, how do us city dwellers (surrounded by the negative effects of pollution) increase our chances of ageing well?


Dermal fillers are injectable materials, most commonly made of hyaluronic acid, that are used to reduce wrinkles and treat deficits in facial volume that are inevitable during the ageing process.

BOTOX or Botulinum Toxin is a protein that works by weakening or temporarily relaxing certain muscles to prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. We use small controlled doses at superficial injection points to achieve a well rested, and rejuvenated appearance.

All treatments are tailored specifically to each individual as no two individuals are exactly the same. Far from the common botched stories we hear in the media, and certainly in the correct hands, subtle dermal fillers and botox treatments have helped boost people’s confidence to new heights and has changed people’s lives.

It is vital to ensure you are always being seen by an experienced, certified and ensured, medical or dental aesthetic practitioner at all times for any procedure. Do not shy away from asking your clinician for proof of their qualifications or training.



Zahra Al


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